Many people have experienced that feeling of “something could be built better”. A widget, or process – you wanted change. The two founders of AssetPlanet met as financial advisors and quickly realized they had similar backgrounds in financial technology. For you see - within every office, is the tech geek that gets asked to be a savior. For Ian and Adam, they were often tasked with creating and presenting reports and explaining the results. Understanding variables and input data is very boring to a large majority of – well everybody. Accept for these guys, because they had better ideas of how to use modern technology to bring sophisticated Finanical Software to – well everybody. Asset Planet, Turns Dreams Into Goals™

Ian Goldey – Co-Founder

A born inventor/entrepreneur he created his first invention at age *11 and since been awarded multiple patents and trademarks for his ideas. Ian has been a financial advisor for over 20 years and has been on the advisor technology committee for some of the biggest financial *companies in America. He is dedicated to trying to find improvements and efficiencies that make life easier for himself and others. When not inventing he enjoys his family time, gardening and playing with his border collies.

Adam Meyers – Co-Founder

Constantly learning with a deep passion for fixing and building describes Adam and how he spends part of each day. A master with Microsoft Excel he was constantly being asked to create custom financial spreadsheets for his co-workers, so he was the natural person to lead the software team for calculations and verifications. In a past career Adam has held the awesome responsibilities of helping guard nuclear sites so he is keenly aware of what being reliable and dependable truly means. His passion for his family and protection has enabled him to spend time with his daughters while training them to be expert marksman.

*(hem-lock Velcro accessory to allow pants to be rolled-up or down without sewing)
* Ian served on the technical advisory committee of Salomon Smith Barney, UBS Financial Services Inc, and Charles Schwab Inc.