How often the program is accessible; monthly, quarterly or semi-annual. Our choices cater to the professional or consumer. Update at any time to instant access including our special code for our Estate module feature.

Plan Count

How many active plans can be viewed at once. You can delete unlimited plans, but active plans are limited. Consumer plans have a range from 5-10 plans and pros have 500 with ability to buy more plans in 100 increment’s

Multi-Plan Matrix

Multi-plan comparison, quickly see differences between each plan. View anywhere from 5-10 plans at once depending on subscription level and plan features.

Fluid Interface

Left to right, top to bottom. A great deal of thought went into our layout to maximize granular detail while also making the data entry process simple for each user. We actively welcome and reward user feedback to improve the experience of using Asset Planet software.

Adjustable Gross Income (AGI)

Automatically total all income, categorized and cross referenced for taxation. Income separated by earned or passive. All income gets combined into one number each year then gets placed into the matrix for taxability.

App Suite Pro

A collection of 9 financial planning applications that work alone or collaboratively for IOS or Android users. Many unique features including 2-way communication between user and their desktop or sharing with a their chosen financial/legal professional. If you don’t have a pro already then users can use the Asset Planet geo search feature to find someone in their area that also uses Asset Planet software.

Dashboard Summary

A single view report; Results, Notification, Observations. Results include; Assets, Income, Monthly Savings Ability, Budget Expenses, Debt, Net Worth, and Liquidity. Notifications are reminders pushed to user by Asset Planet or by program user choices. Notifications can be deleted, saved or snoozed. Observation are created by parameters set within the Asset Planner software that are intended to trigger a review or thought process by each user.

Liquidity Summary

Visual and numerical estimate of your daily liquidity. Factoring in estimated tax or penalties for liquidating taxable or tax-deferred accounts.


examples include a cross reference to current Prime Rates as it related to a user’s debt. Observations will alert user to potential savings opportunity to a loan that is a certain percentage higher than the index. Another example of an Observation is the scenarios of being potentially under-insured for umbrella or auto liability based on user’s net worth.

Detailed Asset Ownership and Beneficiaries

Each asset has opportunity for granular detail on ownership and beneficiaries. This ability to add details easily is helpful to user and facilitates the process needed for our estate planning module and divorce module.

Tax Calculations

Current rates for Fed & State Income and Gains - Updated yearly. Please click this link to learn more about calculations for taxation.

Asset Types

Our extensive database of drop-down choices extends to the Asset category so users can maximize accuracy of description and taxation.

Asset tied to loans or income

Choose if an asset generates income or has debt. Perfect for our feature for investment properties and someone that wants another property for personal use versus or possible income rental.

Taxable and tax-deferred asset select

Many drop-down choices allows for easy enter accuracy when describing the type without having to type.


Required Minimum distribution calculations are included with planner. Individuals or inherited retirement accounts and updated yearly to new laws and regulations as per IRS.

Systemic savings or withdrawal

In real life people save and withdraw and this process for tracking should be easy which is what Asset Planet has created.

Rate of Return

Choices include; Linear Static, Historical Dynamic, Custom by User, or Economist Import - What is the forecast for how much your investments will earn over time? Nobody knows the future so many financial planners use a single number that remains static over time. The real world is not static - it is very dynamic and chaotic. Our software allows for granular control over forecasting and returns. Choice 1 is static for users who want simple and fast. Choice 2 is historical Please click this link and is cross referenced to our database of 60 years of returns for various asset classes. The user can pick any starting point for their historical returns and the Asset Planet software will apply those statistics going forward till end of the plan. Choice 3 is user custom entry. Choice 4 is economist importing forecast.

Inflation choices

5 different inflation rates matched to categories; General, Medical, Education, Housing, Luxury. Inflation is not the same for each goal as any parent can testify that has tried to save for college or those facing higher medical costs each year. Our software has allowed for granular detail on this important economic measure and we pre-match inflation rates to goals but user can override if they prefer.

Insurance Products

Enter information from policies owns or simulate effects prior to purchase. Insurance tracking is a vital component for investors needing asset protection, investments or other benefits. Great organizational tool for those with multiple policies for quick visualization and overview.

Assistance In/Out

Are you helping somebody or is somebody helping you? In the real world this is not uncommon, so Asset Planet programmed in this feature for all our users. We have a specific module that tracks this specific need. We also though ahead and added the feature for frequency of payments and end dates assigned or ended at user’s death.

Liability & Credit limits and current debt

Liabilities divided between short-term and long-term. Granular details for this module include ability to view borrowing capacity of credit lines aggregated minus outstanding current debt. Each liability can be cross linked to budget or asset. Fun feature is tracking your credit card reward points and maybe applying to budget for future goal.

Income Detailed

Fine control on income to determine ownership, time period and taxation. Example; is this income source passive or earned and other questions related to taxation calculations. A financial forecasting program would be missing information needed for the best results without granular detail on income. Who knows what future tax code will be? Our design team thought it was best to categorize everything now so the plan can easily adjust. We included a maternity feature for pausing and resuming income for those who may be evaluating this personal scenario.


Specific dropdowns to ease data entry while preserving ability for to add granular detail. Create, view or modify goals using our templates or creating your own. Here is a partial list of some of the goals we have already created as templates: Please click this link

Start a Business Goal

Forecast the potential effects of starting various types of businesses. Forecast start-up costs, burn rates, growth rates, estimated profitability and estimate future valuations using our plans value multiplier. Add assumptions for future cash flow and assign some or all that profit into personal income. With Asset Planet a user can have a goal of buying a big franchise, then living from the profit and later selling the business/land and retiring from everything.


Quick and simple general or take advantage of the programs granular detail for budget items. broad and general or granular detail, user choice - Budget is often where the process of financial forecasting breaks down as users don’t include many items or guess at what they are spending versus a true analysis. Our software planner offers a vast array of information for those that crave accuracy. Organized by categories with specific pre-chosen dropdowns allows the user to quickly enter all detailed categories and even assign to different people within the household. Features include choice of tax-deductibility, visualization of budget expenses and savings goals. Budgets are dynamic and can change just by moving locations of residency or work. NOTE: Aggregation and auto-import for expenses is not currently available as our program designers found missing holes of important budget information. For accuracy users still need to manually enter and access information for purchases made online (Amazon, eBay, etc.), Plus users still need to verify and decipher some items on credit card purchases for category accuracy. With AI gaining strength we have added this auto-import budget expense as a future feature.

Social Security

When to take your social security? How much will I get? What are the best strategies for my needs? These are some of the many questions people must face when making choices of when to take their social security benefits. Asset Planet software has a specific Social Security module that can address multiple Social Security scenarios including spousal calculations.

Reports varied

(listing an screenshots of various reports)

Debt Payoff Calculator

How much do I need to save every month to retire debt free? Asset Planet debt payoff module performs the incredibly difficult mathematical calculations needed for answering simple questions. With so many financial experts suggesting a debt-free life this module helps cement an action plan needed to accomplish a goal.

What If Scenarios

Pre-populated What’ifs based on decades experience and organized for real world users. With decades experience in financial planning Asset Planet designers wanted to create category triggers to allow users a quick process of thinking about different What-If scenarios and how they might apply to their dreams and goals. Those three categories are Personal, Financial, Economic and supported by custom dropdowns. The What if Scenario each have a simple and easy to use duplicate current plan feature. This duplication allows the user to try out various scenarios and easily delete those they don’t wish to keep. Our software also includes a checklist for users to consider altering based on their particular What-If. For example, moving to another state as a future What-If goal might have potential consequences to your state income tax and maybe your budget, home asset and income. The Asset Planet program will auto populate the new tax rate in the year you move but the user can customize the program for what they envision as a different set of facts. Keep the old house and rent it out for a year while we rent in the new town. This simple concept has a great deal of financial consequences and our program does the calculations so users can forecast what this might look like.

Client Portal Dashboard

Professionals get a dashboard view of all their clients that have activated two-way sharing. When user wants to send updates to their professional, they can push changes from a mobile device App or web-based software. Professionals can accept and import changes, modify, or delete, from the Client Portal Dashboard.

Discounted app suite coupons

Professional subscribers get opportunity to purchase App Suite codes at 50% discount. The professional App suite is $14.95 per year, per user.

Referral Network

Be part of our growing network of users, professionals and Asset Planet Agents by giving and receiving referrals. Work with like-minded people that use our software or the services of our agents. Being part of our network is Geo based cross linked to skills possessed and sought by others and includes listings within the App, Website and Software.

Add-on user

A feature not part of a base subscription or considered extra. Professionals get the ability to add additional people to their business at a special discounted rate. Each user must be part of the same business to qualify for discount. Large volume custom licensing is custom quoted.

Custom Disclaimer

Ability to add your own business disclaimer to each print-out report. Must be submitted to Asset Planet and reviewed by our firm before we agree to incorporate into plans. Extra fees apply and submissions are not guaranteed to result in acceptance of information.

White Label

Custom branding of website interface with contact info and logo, and potentially software Apps in the future depending on volume license from user. Chat Support- free chat support for 60 days with professional license. Remote Support – free support for 60 days with professional license

Email Support


Reports varied

(listing an screenshots of various reports)

AI Support and Knowledgebase

Unlimited support with ongoing updates to improve this natural language method for self-help. To keep subscription costs at reduced rates our company is dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of self-help. We will constantly review and update for anything that can be added to improve. If a user requests a search for help using our Knowledgebase and doesn’t get the answer, they seek then Asset Planet will move that un-answered request to the top of our review list for future improvements or immediate update.

Divorce Module

A mathematical and visual representation of the potential outcomes of financial settlements of a divorce. Separation of all assets and potential income and liabilities. Very detailed and necessary for maximizing the serious financial effects of decisions surrounding divorce.

Estate Planning Module (If I Die, Incapacity)

The chaos surrounding death or incapacity cannot be eliminated, but the confusion can be mitigated. Our planner has this special module to help ease the burden of decisions someone must make, when they are faced with the consequences of a friend/loved one’s demise or incapacity. The Asset Planet user prepares ahead by customizing our step-by-step process. In the event this feature is triggered their friend/loved one is given a simple straight forward process that is triggered with a simple push of a button. Support package is also triggered automatically when module has been activated by Executor/Trustee using their special access code. Additional features triggered by this special access code includes the locking of information so access users cant accidently or intentionally delete anything. The software includes these various functions: 1. Intro instructions to Executor/Trustee 2. Audio/Video messages created by user for friends, family, loved ones. 3. Checklist so Executor/Trustee can easily track items that are completed or yet to be addressed. This list can also be printed or shared. 4. Contact list of professional team, friends, or family. 5. E-mails with pre-populated templates customized by user so Executor/Trustee can send to entire groups. Includes automatic video/audio message attached to appropriate group. All accomplished with a single push of a button, very easy including separate video for extra help. The planner also tracks the history of when emails were sent. 6. Important Documents- Wills, Trust, Advanced Health Care Directive, Property Titles and much more can all be stored within this folder. Accessible from any device capable of reaching the assetplanet.com website. Kept secure by our hosting provider see link for details 7. Summary – Overview of accounts, assets and debts. 8. Personal Instructions – updated regularly and highly personal thoughts and suggestions that are not found in legal documents 9. List of Large Bills – Listing where user can provide some guidance regarding any large expenses coming up within the year not listed under our normal expenses for budget. 10. Litigation List – Opportunity for user to leave behind notes or location of notes for pending, current or possible litigation against the user or their estate or business. 11. Location of Personal Items – Safe deposit keys and bank location, jewelry, collectibles, and anything else a user wants defined that may not be listed in other documents. 12. List of Passwords – Within the folder Important Documents is a stored detailed list of all of usernames and password clues. If you don’t know the password clues, then user can store the answers on a sheet of paper located somewhere of their choosing or other methods for password security. Options may include 2FA authenticity from a hard token, SMS or App authentication program 13. Pre-Paid Burial Expenses – Listing of what, if any, arrangements have already been planned and paid for including; casket, flowers, burial site, headstone, and service fee. 14. Programming Status – Visual representation and checklist associated with each section of this module that has been reviewed or completed.

Custom Help Package

Chat with Remote access capabilities and priority ticketing, $99 per user per year, 5 incidences

Extra Plans

Professional subscribers gets 500 plans, but power user can purchase additional plans in 100 plan minimum increments for $14.95 a month Migration from another program - custom solutions being evaluated. Submit your request for which software you are coming from and the Asset Planet team will respond with the current status of your particular migration tool availability.

Migration from another program

Custom solutions being evaluated. Submit your request for which software you are coming from and the Asset Planet team will respond with the current status of your particular migration tool availability.

API Integration

Custom solutions being evaluated submit your request for which software you want integration and the Asset Planet team will respond with the current status of your particular migration tool availability.